SCA Medieval society Page     
  by Lena Torp /Lady Astrid Johnsdotter Torp    

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Here I will try to explain why I do re-enactment.

I am a member of the world’s largest medieval history re-enactment organisation,
The Society for Creative Anachronism, in short: SCA.

It is an apolitical and nonreligious association. The good middle ages are in focus
In my part of the world Drachenwald
/ Europe, my country is Nordmark, - actually Sweden.

The society are more than an association, it is an experience.

This is a paradise for creative persons. It doesn’t matter what your interest is in this contemporary world, here you will find friends who do it in the medieval way and have a great fun.

I started with making some simple costumes for me and my daughter.
Then I became an archer and I am now practicing to shoot better, but also making bows and arrows and other items for the archer.
Now I have too little spare time, everything is fun and I have become a sampler of hobbies. I do illuminations, jewellery, nalbinding,  tablet weaving, embroidery, and shoes, beside the dressmaking

People who is not so peaceful as me, are fighting in wars or man to man, -And yes! women too fight...
The safety is high, and the most usual damages is, when people are performing a sport.

  The society of SCA    
  The interest for history, arts and crafts I share with most of the members in SCA. At our events we dress medieval and try to live as a medieval people, we are enjoying the beautifulness and grace of everyone in their costumes, the medieval food, activity and banquets. At almost every event there is a royal court (the royalties are royal in 6 to 9 months). Here they give recognitions for achievement and promote the highest ideal for the SCA, - chivalry.

Once a year a medievalweek is held in the medieval city of Visby on the Island Gotland. Here this summercamp is hosting about 400 members in medieval pavilions and tents.  

The spring event in southern of Sweden is called the Doublewars. It is held over more than a week. Here the fighters can exercise and participate in wars and tournaments. Some fenching and artchering is also arranged as well as market and workshops.

Usually the events is during a weekend, and there is a lot of events in Drachenwald over a year, when you can meet the friends and have fun.

  My local union Juneborg have weekly meetings and here we meet for workshops, lecture,exercise and medieval party. We have a lot of fun so why not join us?

Drachenwald  (Europe)

Nordmark    (Sweden)