How to build a medieval pavilion
What you will need


wooden poles 

  230cm x 10cm x 10cm   for centerpoles.

 wooden poles

  200cm x 3,5cm x 4,5cm   for spokes.

another wooden poles

   200cm x 3,5cm x 4,5cm   for filling the hub with small pieces.

plywood circles

  58cm diameter x 3cm   for the hub+ some outdoor glue, and 40 self cutting screws  to put the hub together.
  1   hub holder in iron        
  2   waggonscews       15cm x 1cm

centerpole foot + 4 tentpegs

  12   tent pegs made of iron pole   1cm diameter, 30cm long up to the hook    

tent pegs small usually used for tents. 

  60m   cloth; cotton, wool or linen    150 cm vide cloth    for the tent canvas, Observe! Order at least  another 10 m if the cloth is second rate.

polyester tread

  1000m usually for outdoor clothes,   look up! The tread mustgo through the                                                                        needle smoothly!

 iron rings 

  8 cm diameter x 0,6cm   for strengthen the rooftop+ some really strong tread, to sew the top by hand, the buttons, the  holes in the roof ends and the pockets.


  buttons, wood or bone   3cm x 1 cm x 1cm   to button on the walls on the roof.


  cotton ribbon   2,5cm vide    to button on the walls on the roof, and the loops at the ground.

iron hooks

  5cm x 2,5cm   to the ropes from the roof to the ground.


  iron rings (curtain)   3 cm diameter   to reinforcement of the holes in the roof.
  130 m  

rope, sisal or hemp

  0,8 1 cm diameter    and some leather to reinforcement of the holes in the roof.

For decoration



  cotton, wool or linen   150cm vide   cloth for a frieze around the roof end and a decoration-cap on the top.

sewing tread 



  oil paint   Oil paint, based on true linen oil   outdoor painting (windows ) for the frieze.

iron pole

  80cm x 0,8cm    for a streamer.

hollow curtain pole with one end

  80cm x 1 cm   for a streamer.


  silk or similar  handembroided or patchwork with your favourite legend.   120cm x 24cm    


  Play ball painted in gold.        
  1   Leadribbon, string and beads   8 m string   for the ventricle