Medieval furniture for pavilions

My sketch before the decoration began, and how the iron should look like

My chest finally finished. It costed only 11 euro. I took pictures of the process, but unfortunatelly the photos are gone.

The frontfigures are my tree daughters on horses, me picking fruit and a unicorn

The patterns are all inspirated from the highmedival era

The back of the chest descripes my voiage from Denmark to Sweden

The watcher, a dangerous draconsnake on the top.

The bedroom with comfortable beds and a sky in black wool

The bed is 60 cm wide and 2 m long. It fits with a campingmadrass. In fact we have two and a double cottonmadras and some cheepfurs on top.

The bed with only the rope

Solution to keep the bed together.

Two iron safari chairs got another cloth and cussions, the campingchairs too are easy to convert to medieval, The table was bought at a vintagemarket.

Floor in 100% wool.