This is the material I used:
Pencils a soft 5B and a hard HB, a liner, a pipett, a jar with water, wipe paper, a porcelain palett, gouache colours, white, red, blue and cadmium yellow, black ink and parcement paper. Brushes size 00 to 3, a thin metall ink pencil in medieval style a piece of linen cloth to wipe of the ink pencil.
Some gold leaf and special glue for the gold.

A nice shrine is good to gather all the item
s in.






































































































































  A procedure

My first illumination and how it was created.
The empty space is for the calligraphy.

On my favourit source for medieval paintings: i found this wonderfull illumination. I searched for woman/later 1400/and illumination, and this came up.
Netherlandish Minituralist,
Mary of Burgundy's Book of Hours
Illumination on parchment, 22 x 16 cm
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna

      Enlargable pictures
First i made a photocopy and draw the lines.The back of the copy was filled with a soft pencil, then it was taped onto the parcement paper and a hard pencil was used for the lines.


The drawing was cleaned and the lines softened so it wouldn`t dominate the painting.

The background was finished first. The window, the shelf with all the smal items and the bird (my invention), the irisflower and the cusion. After all this was completed I began with the flesh on the girl, - green on the dress and formed with some yellow in the highligts and blue in the shadows, finaly a white highligter on the highest points on the folds. I worked similar with all the other details and finaly the veil got edges, with som white gouache.

  The original and the copy
Inspiration from other contempary illuminations gave the flower soroundings. Thin ornamental lines with brush size 00 and a brown gouashe. then the imagination of flowers, iwory, acantus and seeds took ower. First I did the whole sorounding simple and worked round and round for more and more ornaments. Finaly i lined it all together with black ink and a metalliner.


The gold was mounted with special glue to paint on. It felt dry before the gold was mounted. And an old brush with smoth hair, was used to wipe the loose gold of. To polish the gold I needed an agat stone, but i dont have one yet, so I used my fingernail to smooth the surface. The scalpell was usefull to correct small faults.


This is the finished illumination.

Closeupp show the finished ornament.

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