All small things for fun  

The four dolls are from the left Drachenwald dragon, A walkyria, a joker and a giraffe.










































































































































































Pattern to enlarge

I you have some small bits of cloth over, don throw them away! Make a popup doll and make a child happy.

Observe the toy is not for walking unstable children.


You will need:


A wood stick 20-25 cm long and at least as thick as a tummy.

A small drill, to make a hole in the end of the stick.

Some wool or cotton, to pad the head and the eyes.

A piece of hard cardboard or leather.

A sharp knife to cut the cardboard.

Some nice medieval cloth. And maybe a nice ribbon.

Tread and needle and a scissor.

Glue and a gluepistol.


Drill the hole trough the stick 1 cm down from an end. Smooth the surface.

Make a cup of the cardboard over a steaming pot. Glue it together.

Sew a cloth to the cup, turn it right and glue it into place.


Make the Dragon or something you think fit to the child. Remember the doll should be so small so it is hit in the cup.

To make the toy safe, sew a ball of wool in place in the top of the stick, with some cloth outside. Sew with a strong tread and many times through the hole.

When the doll is mounted on the stick mount the cup and sew the body and the cup together.

The bottom of the cup is hidden with some nice ribbon.